An Update from the Trinity Board

An Update from the Trinity Board

Dear Trinity Community,

In this update, we would like to share with you an overview of the 2015 operational plan developed during our recent strategic planning workshop. The table below shows Key Result Areas (KRAs), objectives, and goals for the year. A more detailed report is available upon request.

Key Result Areas (KRAs)



Bylaws and Constitution To revise the constitution to comply with current provincial laws.
  • Create a revised draft of bylaws and constitution.
  • Submit draft to relevant stakeholders for review and approval.
[1] Team
To establish a GRACE team.
  • Determine mandate and accountability framework for GRACE team.
  • Create GRACE team.
Funding the Vision Policies To define policies related to the new funding model.
  • Write and approve policies related to new funding model (e.g., acceptance of funds, investment of funds, charitable receipts, etc.).
Parental Relationships To implement a new-family welcoming process.
  • Document a new family welcoming process, with timelines.
Community Service Outreach To integrate a school wide curricular approach to community service and outreach.
  • Define purpose and scope.
  • Define how to integrate community service and outreach into curriculum.
  • Communicate program to parents and stakeholders.
Communication Plan To optimize communications to stakeholders.
  • Assess current communication challenges and possible solutions.
  • Implement solutions.
Rethinking Volunteerism To implement a realistic model of volunteerism.
  • Create a list of current volunteer activities and opportunities.
  • Understand attitudes, motivation, and expectations of volunteering within our community and external culture.

[1] “GRACE” stands for Gifts Received For Accessible Christian Education.



In His Service,


The Trinity Board



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