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Meet our Staff
Teacher who care. That's one of the core values that parents at Trinity have come to expect for their children.
At Trinity, we hire teachers who care about Christ, care about teaching, and care about children. Most teachers are graduates of Christian liberal arts colleges and all have their Teaching Certificates. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure the best possible education for their children. A shared commitment to Christ by parents and teachers creates an atmosphere of love and care for the children. Academic excellence is expected and achieved through hard work and regular professional development.


Mr. Rick Schenk
Vice Principal of Staffing
Mrs. Sara Flokstra
Vice Principal of Learning
Mrs. Christy Mack
Curriculum Coordinator
Mrs. Audrey McGregor
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Joanne Van Dijk
Administrative Support
Mrs. Judy Vanderlingen
Financial Administrator
Mrs. Liz Van Hoffen


Facility Maintenance/Rentals
Mrs. Ruth Palmateer For rental inquiries, contact Ruth on Wednesday mornings, or email .


Mrs. Marjorie Schaafsma 
Mrs. Diane DeGroot
Tiny Titans
Mrs. Kelly Stronks  
Grade 1
Mrs. Doreen Breukelman 
Grade 1/2
Mrs. Karen Wilson 
Grade 2
Mrs. Lauryn Zorn
Grade 3
Mrs. Nadine Masengi
Grade 3/4
Mrs. Carina Schuurman & Mrs. Leanne Bulthuis &                   
French - Grades 1-3/4
Mrs. Danyse Nywening
Grade 4 Mrs. Jacquie DeRaaf
Grade 5
Mrs. Grace Pot
Grade 5/6
Mrs. Joanne Holtrop &       Miss Katelyn Pot & 
Grade 6
Mrs. Audrey McGregor
French - Grades 4-6
Mrs. Danielle Burgsma
Band - Grades 6-8
Mrs. Sara Flokstra

Grade 7
Mr. Al Bezuyen  
Grade 7/8
Mrs. Ainsley Spence 

Grade 8 Mrs. Sara Flokstra